Okada Who me?

[Fic] よこやまゆぅのにっき。

Hello this is Yokoyama Yu who feels like he’s being stalked lately.

I went to the sauna after work last night and guess who walked in...



V6's Okada-san.

Did you guess correctly?

Well it was Okada who told me about the sauna in the first place so maybe seeing him there wasn't such a big surprise really but we had just been working together the day before so it felt like he couldn't get enough of me.

During an interview we did yesterday he even said that he loves Kanjani and that he's a Yoko fan, too.

What's up with that guy?!

Though I think he mostly said that last part to tease me.

And he was totally covering himself when he came into the sauna! Such a Tokyo person already!

But even though Okada is not really someone you associate with speaking Kansai-ben, he totally does when it's just the two of us.

Hearing Okada's kansai-ben makes me happy somehow. sparkles

Like he's still one of us even though he's such a famous, serious actor now.

We went out for drinks afterwards.

It was just a normal izayaka though. I was surprised.

I always thought Okada only drinks in those dark, adult kind of bars where they serve whisky on the rocks.

Ah~! A cold beer after going to the sauna feels so nice and refreshing! sparkles

We were talking and I noticed that this one lady at the bar was totally checking out Okada.

I thought he was so cool for not even reacting.

Turns out he only didn't notice though and when I pointed it out, he got totally embarrassed.

Then I kept pointing it out on purpose and his ears got all red.peacenosign

Even though we're the same age, you totally shouldn't tease a senpai like that, me!

Okay back to work!

I hope you have a lovely day. sparkles